Exhibition 'S.O.L. - System of Language' by Sofía Clausse and Vika Prokopaviciute at the Eve Leibe Gallery

Is visual art a language?
Someone said that visual art is not a language. Why?
Because language includes structure and rules and art has little in common with rules!
Is that a conclusive answer to the question?
If language constitutes the mastery that allows us to express ideas, feelings, intentions, purpose, and it enables us to share it with our fellows, then ART IS A LANGUAGE.

The exhibition “S.O.L. – System of Language” aims to sparkle a thought on language and systems, playing with words-ethnology-quantum-language-parse-syntax-grammar-body-spell through the artworks of Sofía Clausse and Vika Prokopaviciute.

Vika Prokopaviciute is a Lithuanian painter based in Vienna; she has a strong background in design, architecture and informatics. Her academic training is visible through her oil paintings. At first glance, her works seem to be abstract, the geometric shapes or gestural marks seem to have no source at all in external visual reality; however, the canvases are a vessel that carries a database of information. The key term of her work is “protention” which adverts to the way one artwork anticipates the future work and hark back to others. The painted canvas like a two-dimensional mould speculates on the previous made, wherefore building a never-ending system.

Sofia Clausse is an Argentinian artist based in London. She studied design with a specific interest in typography. She began to develop artworks while investigating the effect of the tools on the letterforms and limitation of movement of the body while using them. Just as language is a system for communication, creating new tools is like constructing new dialectics. By creating her own devices Sofia generates an idiosyncratic and personal process that mainly revolves around ideas of time, repetition, cycles, and translation. Her works use text, letterforms, and the writing system, her canvases and woven paperwork sit somewhere between abstraction and semiotic.
S.O.L. (System of Language) is a way of communicating and expressing feelings and thoughts beyond the canonical alphabetic system. S.O.L., through abstract forms, repetitive patterns and conceptual mechanisms transcends the established methods of communication, giving life to a more genuine and individual way of connecting.

Eve Leibe Gallery
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