Exhibition of contemporary ceramics 'Liquids' at the Riga Porcelain Museum

2022 06 10 — 2022 08 07
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Latvia

It brings together several artists who have different signature styles, but share a common material – porcelain – and a unifying theme – liquids.

Liquids can remain very invisible in people’s everyday lives, but once we begin enumerating them, we realise how important, or inevitable, they are. Certain liquids are necessary for our survival, while others are more of a luxury. Different liquids have different subjective and objective properties: fragrant, sticky, healthy, poisonous, transparent, thick, et cetera.

Porcelain’s relationship to liquids is twofold. One of the aggregate states of porcelain is a liquid mass which is transformed into an object only after casting the mass into a mould and firing it. The chemical and physical properties of porcelain enable us to create objects for domestic use, for example for storing, pouring in and pouring out liquids.

“Liquid has the power to force its own way, so it flows wherever it wants. As human beings, we are most closely connected to water, which is paramount to our existence. And since water makes for a significant percentage of our body mass, I like to consider artists as liquids. The exhibition becomes a unique cocktail, served for the enjoyment of the viewers,” says Ieva Nagliņa, curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition of contemporary ceramics “Liquids” presents artists of different generations with different signature styles. The artists have taken the suggested theme in various directions: from the existentially sensitive to the aesthetically and conceptually witty. The ten participating artists are Anna Ceipe, Agnese Čemme, Lauris Krauze, Simona Ķīvite, Jānis Leimanis, Dainis Lesiņš, Valentīns Petjko, Valda Podkalne, Ainārs Rimicāns and Andris Vēzis.

The exhibition “Liquids” is open at the Riga Porcelain Museum from June 10 to August 7, 2022.