Exhibition 'Materials of Memory' by Laura Kunciūtė at the Artifex gallery

2024 06 18 — 2024 07 07 at Artifex
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

Laura Kunciūtė (b. 1993) is an interdisciplinary textiles researching the idea of materials retaining memory.  In  2017 she finished studies in textile art and design in Vilnius Academy of Arts, where she was awarded A. & A. Tamosaitis’ honorary grant. Artist’s works were exhibited in NY Textile Month in the USA as well as group exhibitions in Lithuania, Denmark and UK and published on multiple international platforms.

The exhibition „Materials of Memory“ presents the works created in international artist’s residencies in Canada and Denmark. The artworks welcome the viewer to a blooming exploration for the senses, laying the field to question whether materials and architecture are capable of retaining memories over time. Textile works are showcased as intuitive and joyous exploration.

The exhibited artworks echo the attempt to encapsulate the memories withheld by the materials themselves. Rituals and archaic presence are the leading force when creating these works – filled with the magnitude of high-energy places, or on the contrary, revitalizing the flow of meta-polluted materials. Herbal brew and rust dyed fibers become conductors to reinvigorate the artworks with a burst of vital life while coal-coated elements filter the over-stimulated spaces.

The exhibition displays not only the soft sculptures, art objects but enables the viewer to gaze into the creative backstage, the slow paced rhythmic transformation for fiber to fabric or artifact. Marginalized artistic documentation is equally matched by the weight of artworks themselves.

Opening of the exhibition is held on 18th of June at 18 h. in VAA gallery „Artifex“, Gaono st. 1, Vilnius.

Exhibition will be open 18/6–5/7/2024