Exhibition 'I remember everything and then I forget everything' by Krista Dzudzilo at ALMA gallery

2023 03 17 — 2023 05 07
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Latvia

Krista Dzudzilo’s solo exhibition I remember everything and then I forget everything is on view at Galerija ALMA from March 17 to May 7, 2023.

The past is a part of the present that is imprinted in experience like a line scratched into the surface of paper, a captured memory of action. Remembering and forgetting can happen simultaneously. Back and forth. How to discover the invisible and let it touch you with ears? How can you hear when you can only see? Everything is partly not seeing, partly not understanding, partly seeing, partly understanding, partly remembering and partly forgetting.

The exhibition consists of 11 drawings, a video work I see and a kinetic object titled I hear. The series of drawings I remember everything and I forget everything were made over a year and a half. Drawing is a slow process, which Krista compares to being a monk, which is interesting and exciting and at the same time opens a window to the passing of time. He is fascinated by the way graphite layers upon layers and slowly emerges from the mist – the surface of white paper. Through the process of drawing, the artist tries to get closer to the essence of photography in the sense that it has fascinated people since the beginning of time – drawings as imprints of time and the past, a possibility to get closer to a time and the matter of memories that no longer physically exist. The title of each drawing hides and reveals a piece of music that Krista was listening to while drawing that particular work. The video I see seeks to reveal how to hear the invisible. On appearing and disappearing. Of weaving and settling.

Krista Dzudzilo is one of the best-known Latvian contemporary artists. She creates spaces where the contemporary and the historical, the present and the past become one matter, often working with ins- tallation, video, moving and still images, text, sound and spatial scenography. Krista has created several plays and performances, had several solo exhibitions, and has won the Best Curatorial Concept Award at the Prague Quadrennial of Scenography 2019. Krista often works together with Reinis Dzudzilo.

The pair has changed the Latvian theatre and opera scene from a historical perspective with a subtly poetic visual language. Minimalism, perfection and architectural beauty are well-known principles of Dzudzilo’s scenography and installation art, which allow the laconic, light language of forms to hide a more complex, multi-layered content encoded in symbols and metaphors.

In 2020, the first Dzudzilo & Dzudzilo exhibition with ALMA titled ALMA MATER took place. At the end of 2022 ALMA participated in the NADA Miami 2022 fair in Miami, Florida, USA with the work YOU HAVE MADE ME LIKE GLASS, which consists of three mirrored objects and a series of drawings I remember everything and a video CLARITY by Krista Dzudzilo. YOU HAVE MADE ME

LIKE GLASS was specially created for the exhibition Galerija ALMA @ Padure Manor in 2021. Krista’s exhibition I remember everything and then I forget everything follows Reinis’ exhibition NEVER ENDS. Etude for a Dark Time, which took place at ALMA from January 27 to March 11 2023.

The works of Krista Dzudzilo are in the collections of the Latvian National Museum of Art, VV foundation and the collection of Luc Freché.