Exhibition 'Diluvial Valleys' by Anastasia Sosunova at Swallow

2021 04 16 — 2021 05 22
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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Diluvial Valleys, show by Anastasia Sosunova
Project space Swallow (Vitebsko st. 23, Vilnius)
16 April – 22 May, 2021
Diluvial Valleys is Anastasia Sosunova’s first solo show in Vilnius. The exhibition will be accompanied by dual language author publication (publisher Swallow) which is to be presented later on.
The exhibition opening will take place on 16th April, 2-8 pm. We can accommodate 2 people at a time.
The exhibition follows the floods,- those arriving suddenly, flowing over and back, sweeping away. Catastrophic waters having bursted in times of the past, pressured and shaped the surfaces. Sowed the natural furrows with stones and fossilised creatures that appear within the openings of the earth layers. Diluvial geology explores these layers, reading out the origin of the world in their hollows and streaks. Inflows of emotions and changes leave curious traces as well. Sometimes, when looking for a safer hill, forest, or valley, we inhabit the neighborhoods – closed off, private, fenced. With signs of warning, we defend ourselves against the sudden ebbs and flows, against the currents unknown. The exhibition takes these myths and objects of creation, and seeks to use them anew — repurposing the recurring visions into images filled with the pleasure of adornment, into things of everyday, and mythical artifacts; they will be read by the geologists of the future.
Diluvial Valleys comes out of themes and approaches long developed in the creative work of Anastasia Sosunova. Her interdisciplinary practice consists of video, installation, sculpture, graphic, and texts. By employing personal stories, images framing the locations, and subtle material gestures that people leave in their habitats, Anastasia weaves them into wider stories about the communities and identities to come. Anastasia has recently shown her work at: in 2021, group show On Survival (Galerie Britta Rettberg, Munich); in 2020, Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art 2, Artists’ Film International (Whitechapel Gallery, London), Double Exposure / Roots to Routes (Le Corbusier, Manifesta 13, Marseille), Baltic Triennial 14: Intro ‘The Maze and The Lighthouse’ (CAC Vilnius), and elsewhere.
Exhibition curator Vaida Stepanovaitė.
Video work in the exhibition is presented together with Videograms platform (www.videograms.online).
* Visit the exhibition:
Until 22nd May, Wed-Fri 1-7 pm, Sat 1-5 pm. By appointment: info@swallow.lt / +37061347187.
At one time we can accomodate no more than 2 visitors (unless a bigger group of family members) with face coverings.
* Thank you:
Exhibition and publication graphic design:
Vytautas Volbekas
Video work soundtrack:
Miša Skalskis
3D elements animation for video work:
Laurynas Keleras
Exhibition installation:
Antanas Stanislauskas
Exhibition and publication is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.
„JCDecaux Lietuva“, Videograms, project space Kabinetas
Biggest possible thanks goes to:
Edgaras Gerasimovičius, Monika Lipšic, Marija Nemčenko, Audrius Pocius, Jeronimas Seibutis, Rūta Stepanovaitė, Vaida Stepanovaitė, Dalibor Sternadel, Aliona Viršutienė