Exhibition 'Corporate Horrors' by Vilte Fuller at Brooke Benington, London

November 13, 2023
Author Echo Gone Wrong

Brooke Benington is pleased to present Corporate Horrors, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Vilte Fuller.

In a new series of paintings, Fuller examines the intricate connections between technology, the human form, and the pervasive influence of workplace culture. This collection of works sheds light not only on the current fascination with corporate narratives in the media but also on the transformation of mundane settings into captivating and questionable showcases of modern existence.

Expressed through an aesthetic prism of 80s and 90s “body horror” era David Cronenberg films, and the work of writers such as JG Ballard and Brett Easton Ellis; her exploration is deeply rooted in Fuller’s own evolving relationship with the concept of work and productivity. As a full-time artist without a conventional routine imposed by an employer, there is an almost voyeuristic fascination with the restricted and regulated work day that is both maligned and celebrated by a wider urban society. More recently she had begun to recognise in herself a desire for routine and structure, and found herself drawn to aspects of the corporate environment. In her new paintings, we begin to see repeated forms and motifs suggestive of keyboards or calculators, and a tonal pallet of office carpet grey, chromed steel blue, and safety glass green – all of which provides a homogenised backdrop for some of Fuller’s wilder and darker imaginings. The mundane hum of corporate familiarity lulling us into a false sense of security.

Vilte Fuller (b. 1996, Klaipeda) lives and works in London. She holds a BA in Painting and Printmaking from The Glasgow School of Art.

Her body of work delves into the intricate connections between the human form, technology and most recently the eerie charm of corporate stories that seep into contemporary media. Creating painterly narratives that nod to her Eastern European heritage with repetitive liminal territories often serving as backdrops for her work.

Solo exhibitions: ‘Gravesend’, Mou Projects, Hong Kong (2023), ‘Sleep Agent’, Superzoom, Paris (2023), ‘Strangers by the Side of the Road’, Polina Berlin Gallery, New York (2022), ‘Little Kiosk of Bone Juice’, Niru Ratnam, London (2022) and ‘The Shuttle to the Moon has Crashed and Now I am Falling’, Superzoom, Paris (2021) Selected group exhibition: ‘The Unlimited Dream Company II’, Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2023), ‘I want to turn into you’, Coulisse Galerie, Stockholm (2023), ‘NEXT at Christie’s’, Christie’s, London (2023), ‘(It’s my party) I can cry if I want to, Guts Gallery, London, (2023), ‘Grand Opening’, Superzoom, Paris (2022), ‘The Feeling is Mutual’, Galerie Hussenot, Paris (2022), ‘Synthesis’ curated by Delphian, Saatchi Gallery, London (2022), ‘Pink Gallery’, Superzoom, Miami (2021), ‘The Fisherman’s Dream’, Ruttkowski 68, Paris (2021).

Corporate Horrors
Vilte Fuller

1 December 2023 – 20 January 2024
Brooke Benington