Evita Vasiljeva & Dan Walwin 'Town at Edge of Garden' at POST gallery, Kaunas

October 20, 2019
Author Echo Gone Wrong

This duo-presentation is the result of two things: P/////AKT’s long-standing wish to bring these two alumni together in one project and a collaboration with curator Audrius Pocius, who previously realized a duo-show by Laura Kaminskaite and Antanas Gerlikas in Amsterdam.

Vasiljeva and Walwin have quite some things in common, both in their subject matter and aesthetics, while on the other hand they are obviously very different in their approach and methods. They come from different backgrounds for instance, and it shows. On the surface, why not, Evita’s work is related to manmade structures, modernist architecture, concrete and diy materials. Dan seems to wander around between manmade and natural ecosystems, while at the same time making works that are more ‘tech’ in appearance. The element of sci-fi is present in both their works, but mainly in the perception of it and not so much a goal in itself. The sci-fi aspect is of course a consequence of us being used to a dystopian decay of cityscapes and strange, futuristic sceneries as depicted in films etc. They are both aware of this – not minding it and perhaps even playing with it – but also pointing out that these things are right here, perhaps just escaping the corners of our lazy eyes.  Both Evita and Dan propose a fiction; a fluid, fluent, materialized language, the poetry that exists in the cracks and the seams, above and below the surface.

A project by P/////AKT and Audrius Pocius in collaboration with POST gallery
15 September – 13 October 2019
POST gallery, Kaunas (LT), postgalerija.ltThe project is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, Ammodo, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Mondriaan Fonds.Photography: Inga Jankūnaitė