'Ears lick lips' by Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė at the Artifex gallery

July 27, 2020
Author Echo Gone Wrong

Stumbling is just like fingering – you’re giving a hand a surprise. A foot acts as a sucker, induction hobs make questions melt, reading turns into dance…

– Is it just me, or are we being watched by a W-shape?
– Let the thrill thrill you on second thought.
– Ears lick lips. Is it just you? Or the exhibition unfolds, wags, jiggles and winks, ice skates and licks, tentacles around..?
– Objects figure. It’s hard to put a finger on it.

Ears lick lips under the umbrella of speculative design. Inspired by household items, aquatic creatures and texts, new weirdly familiar objects behave as they wish. Vernal pools and induction hobs act as a dancefloor, a mirror, a pleasure ground or whatever. A glossy wiggle on a shelf is a what-not too: may appear frozen for a hurried eye, but a gets pretty involved in a longer squint. In previous exhibitions it wiggled like a tentacle, a horn, a weird leg, a sex toy, a moustache, a mouth and a Nike sign, questioning should I do it?

Unusual beings, meandering between fiction and reality, sail away from defined categories. Imagination works out as a promise to connect with mysterious and awkward bodies.

The exhibition is partly supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Photography: Laurynas Skeisgiela
Name of the venue: ARTIFEX gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Dates: 2020 07 21 – 08 01
Artist: Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė