'Cosmic Sadness' by Andrejs Strokins at the ISSP Gallery

2020 09 09 — 2020 10 28
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Latvia

The series ‘Cosmic Sadness’, created from 2014 to 2019, is a visual diary and an experiment in private experience made public. Combining the immediacy of instant sharing and blue, desaturated, grainy filters, the series comments on the analogue nostalgia of the current digital generation and offers a new take on street photography, which embraces technological development rather than turning to the past. The seemingly amateur technology of the mobile phone renders the photographer as an invisible observer. Photographed at the right time, at the right place, and from the right angle, the images show everyday made strange. The ordinary and mundane is turned into its opposite: the exceptional and the extraordinary.

Andrejs Strokins (1984) is a Latvian photographer living and working in Riga. He works across documentary photography, as well as with vernacular images and found archives. Strokins holds a BA in Fine Arts from the Printmaking Department of the Art Academy of Latvia. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Latvia and abroad. He has received numerous awards, including Foam Talents. In 2017 Orbita published his first book Palladium.

The exhibition is part of Riga Photography Biennial program.

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