Baltic Art Festival VOLUME UP in New York

October 12, 2022
Author Echo Gone Wrong

September 9-25, 2022

The aim of the festival is to introduce Baltic Art in the center of the art world, Big Apple, Manhattan New York, to promote cultural diplomacy between Baltic and foreign professionals and audiences, and to internationalize Baltic culture. Introducing top level artists of Baltic visual art, film and poetry and performing arts in New York to international audiences and establishing new contacts all over the world.

The festival included: Permanent Exhibition at Grace Exhibition Space Gallery: The history of Performance Art in the Baltic states, live performances, literary evenings, film and video screenings and meetings with artists, workshops, presentations.

Gallery “Meno Parkas” is among the partners of the festival. The gallery cooperates with artists, encouraging creativity and involvement in contemporary art projects. The work of three artists (of the gallery “Meno Parkas”) was presented at the festival. Vaida Tamoševičiūtė and Židrija Janušaitė performed live performances, and Česlov Lukenško’s work was part of the screenings of films and videos from the Baltic countries.

In the Lithuanian program “3 decades of Lithuanian performance art. 1990-2022” presents the creators, from the pioneers of the genre in Lithuania (Post ARS, Žalias Lapas groups), who emerged alongside the major political and socio-cultural changes, the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, to the youngest generation of creators and artists who have worked throughout the past three decades. Performance art in Lithuania can be presented in three aspects: the historical, the ideological, or (non-)institutional and, finally, the formal-aesthetic. All three aspects are intertwined. When the collective movements of liberation from the soviet forms subsided, activism emerged, but there was also a proliferation of individual creators, which has become particularly evident in the last period up to the present.

Photography: Meno parkas gallery