'Waterproof Heart' by Ignas Pavliukevičius at Atletika

2019 11 15 — 2019 11 29
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

From mid November Ignas Pavliukevičius’ work titled Waterproof Heart will be installed across all spaces of Atletika gallery (Vitebsko 21, Vilnius). This work was recently presented at independent contemporary art fair The Others in Turin.

Technological innovation is leading artificial intelligence into a more accurate representation of the human mind, emotions and physical appearance. The momentous questions are how automatisation and digitalisation are shaping the meaning of what it takes for someone or something to be a human. Can digital beings elicit empathy and when are humans going to decide how they feel about digital beings? In his installation Waterproof Heart Ignas Pavliukevičius reflects on the progress of blurring the lines between real and artificial, by creating situations where real humans are invited to face themselves in their relationship with technology. He explores these questions by combing different media – performance art, virtual reality, 3D simulation – creating confrontational experience for the audience.

Ignas Pavliukevičius has graduated with BA from Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and MA from Vilnius Academy of Arts Photography and Media Art Department. His work has been shown in exhibitions in Amsterdam, the Hague, Leeuwarden, Tallinn, Turin, Vilnius and Nida, Pavliukevičius has collaborated with artist Julijonas Urbonas in the project A Planet Of People, presented at Vartai Gallery (2018). He was nominated for Nordic & Baltic Young Artist Award´19 (NBYAA) in June 2019. https://ignaspav.com

Exhibition open 15/11/2019 – 29/11/2019 Wednesdays to Fridays 4-7 pm.
Opening reception 14/11/2019 19:30

The exhibition is sponsored by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Vilnius City Municipality and UAB Baltic digital building developer.