Virtual European Capital of Culture Forum 2020

2020 05 20 — 2020 05 22
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

When confronted with any crisis, the vital importance of culture and arts is revealed. The pandemic that has made the world stop has triggered an unprecedented crisis also in the cultural sector, but this did not prevent us from creating numerous artistic projects which have united the international community, inspired a spark of optimism and a sense of communion for those isolated at home. The challenges faced by the creators of culture have motivated them to re-examine their mission, find alternative strategies of action, educational and dissemination tools that have helped those isolated at home gather for virtual dance parties and have brought culture directly to the courtyards of the quiet audience standing behind their apartment windows.

What is next? It is predicted that the cultural sector, the habits of our participation in culture and our social life will inevitably change, but will it really happen and how? How can cultural and artistic creators prepare for the challenges of the future? What skills and innovations could be used to do so?

The third European Capital of Culture Forum organised by “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” will take place on May 20–22. It goes virtual and invites for discussion on the significance of culture. Organised in partnership with the Creative Europe Desk Lithuania, the Forum invites the European artists, cultural creators, private and public sectors to exchange their views on the challenges faced by cultural sector as well as changes, innovations under the crisis conditions and the future of culture in the post-pandemic world.

All Forum discussions will be broadcasted live on, Kaunas 2022 Facebook page and 15min news portal.


20 May, 3:00 PM EEST
The Role of Culture Defeating the Crisis

21 May, 3:00 PM EEST
Local or International? Shifting Priorities in Public Funding for Culture (presented by Creative Europe Desk LT)

22 May, 10:00 AM EEST
Is COVID-19 Challenging the Idea of Global Culture? (presented by 15min)
3:00 PM EEST
Culture in the Post-Pandemic Future. Retooling

All discussions of the Forum will be broadcasted live.
The Forum will be held in English, with the exception of the session “Culture in the Measures of Management of the Economic Crisis”, which will be held in Lithuanian.