Thinking Against Logic at Nida Art Colony

Duration: 2015 09 14  - 2015 09 23
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Artūras Raila, Overture, 2012

From 14 September 2015 a ten-day-long Migrating Art Academies laboratory titled “Serendipity: Thinking Against Logic” will gather a group of emerging artists in Nida, Lithuania. Coincidence, serendipity and related terms as well as phenomena will be discussed through and developed in projects by artists and scientists from Germany, Sweden, South Korea/Germany, Russia, Columbia/Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom/Australia and Lithuania.

This annually organised laboratory will challenge participants to reflect on the scientific supposition according to which illogic and non pragmatic human decisions follow the mathematical principles of quantum physics. In other words, this is the suggestion to reconsider the meaning of irrational human thinking in the light of daily circumstances.

“Serendipity” will start with a public lecture by artist Artūras Raila (LT) on serendipity and creation of an artwork (Tuesday 15 September). Danius Kesminas (LT/AU) will present his trans-disciplinary, cross-cultural, inter-medial art practice projects on Wednesday, 16 September. Physicist Vytautas Balevičius (LT) will introduce artists to principles of quantum physics on Thursday, and on Friday, 18 September, writer and curator Patrik (Boris) Kremer (UK) will present his point of view on serendipity in a lecture titled “Against Serendipity”. Alvydas Lukys’ (LT) lecture “Clash of Narratives” is scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, 20 September. In parallel to lectures, the laboratory will include experimental workshops by Mindaugas Gapševičius (LT/DE) and Brian Degger (AU/UK) as well as sessions of intense collaborative work. The event will end with a public presentation of projects and ideas on Wednesday 23 September at Nida Art Colony.

The Migrating Art Academies (MigAA) platform is aimed at innovation and experience exchange in art teaching and research. It is a network of European universities and independent organisations. “Serendipity” is supported by Lithuanian Council For Culture. This laboratory is organised by Institutio Media in collaboration with Vilnius Academy of the Arts.

Public Lectures:

Tuesday 15 September
11:00 Artūras Raila lecture “Oops, I did it again: so many of us, however artwork (still) happens”

Wednesday 16 September
10:00 Danius Kesminas Art Practice Presentation

Thursday 17 September
10:00 Vytautas Balevičius lecture on Quantum Physics

Friday 18 September
10:00 Patrick (Boris) Kremer lecture “Against Serendipity”

Sunday 20 September
16:00 Alvydas Lukys lecture “Clash of Narratives”

Wednesday 23 September
14:00 Public presentation of results and exhibition

Address: Nida Art Colony, Taikos Str. 43, Nida

All lectures in English

More information:
Migrating Art Academies
Vilnius Academy of Arts Nida Art Colony

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September 11, 2015
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