'Tape Modern' by Zlatan Hadžifejzović at Studium P

2019 04 09
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

Tape ModernTape Modern is an art installation and performance of process. Artist will use oscillating pedestal fan, stainless steel scissors, adhesive transparent tape, aluminium multipurpose ladder and artificial source of light, creating a specific ambience.

Zlatan Hadžifejzović (born 1992) is a Bosnian and Herzegovinian artist. Graduated with a MA in Sculpture from the Academy of  Fine Arts Sarajevo in 2017. Zlatan works with different range of mediums including sculpture, collage, installation, performance, video and sound. He lives and works in London.

The event will be hosted for one evening only, April 9, from 19.00 until 23.00.

All events in Studium P are organized on the initiative of the P collective, without any funding.

Entrance: support for Studium P activities.

Pylimo St. 20, Vilnius, Lithuania