‘OU’ by Žygimantas Augustinas at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre

2018 05 03 - 2018 04 26 / 6 pm
Žygimantas Augustinas EXPERIMENTAL EXHIBITION OU (english: UA) Opening of the exhibition: May 3rd, 2018 at 6 pm at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre (Latako str. 3). The exibition will be open until May 26th. Two opposite claims are posited in parallel: the

Exhibitions by Žygimantas Augustinas, Tadas Vincaitis and Irma Leščinskaitė in Klaipėda

2017 09 15 - 2017 10 15
Žygimantas Augustinas „IN“ Scientific methods are based on author’s attempts to incarnate into the images of King Sigismund Augustus, King Sigismund the Old, his wife Bona Sforca, the Lithuanian poet Kristijonas Donelaitis, or even the new version of the recently

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘The Body of the Letter’ at Sodų 4

Remote communication is self-evident and often indeed indispensable today. Constantly evolving and simultaneously simplifying communication technologies produce an aura of hypercontemporaneity and disembodiment around it. Yet the art of correspondence, or being together through letters, has deep roots and a