Opening of the exhibition ‘New Chic’ & Riga Photomonth 2018 at Riga Congress Centre

2018 05 09 - 2018 06 03 / 6 pm
Official opening of Riga Photomonth 2018 with the exhibition “New Chic”. The main exhibition of the festival is focused on the conditions of the photographic language and materiality in the age of post-truth providing photography as an up-to-date, critical, socio-politically

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘The Big Picture’ at the Rooster gallery

Individual is collective. Sparse is dense. Personal is public. Image is sound. Big is bigger. The Big Picture. The Rooster Gallery representing the youngest generation of Lithuanian artists invites you to the opening of the group exhibition “The Big Picture”

Exhibition ‘Outside the Wall’ at Nida Art Colony

2017 09 05 - 2017 09 09
Exhibition “Outside the Wall“ presents young or a bit senior artists who consciously transferred their creative activity outside Lithuania which is the only common aspect between them. For over one year the public discourse is holding conversations about mass emmigration