Exhibition ‘DEAD MAN’S SKIS. How to describe the forest to digital rabbits’ curated by Peeter Laurits at Vaal gallery

2017 10 20 - 2017 11 18 / 5 pm
Orchestrated with the help of 20 artists, the exhibition addresses a topic that applies to everyone these days: how to describe the forest to digital rabbits. The selected artists form a network, a rhizome, in which all parts differ substantially:

Exhibition ‘City Agents’ at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia

2016 08 05 - 2016 09 11 / 6 pm
The exhibition project ‘City Agents’ looks into the exhibition space and the contemporary city space as sites of the accumulation of capital. It maps out current active agencies that gentrify the city and zooms in on artistic practices that expose and shape