The exhibition ‘Ocean Botlights’ by Taavi Suisalu at the Tallinn City Gallery

2019 02 01 - 2019 02 15
From 1 February the exhibition “Ocean Botlights” by Taavi Suisalu will be open at the Tallinn City Gallery. Suisalu, who tackles the relationship between people and technology, here explores light – simultaneously a giver of life and a conveyer of

In Screen We Trust

The exhibition ‘Archaeology of the Screen’ took place recently at the Estonian art museum KUMU. The title of the show allows for multiple interpretations, so it was difficult to predict what the main theme of the exhibition would be. Today,

Kati Ilves’ curatorial exhibition in Nantes

In Nantes, the international group exhibition ‘Ascending from the Liquid Horizon’, curated by Kati Ilves, will open at the cultural center le lieu unique. Taking place in Nantes, the birthplace of Jules Verne, the exhibition examines the dissolution of once-courageous

Riga Photography Biennial Award 2018 announces the winners

The Riga Photography Biennial Award 2018 Seeking the Latest in Photography has been awarded to Diāna Tamane (Latvia), Taavi Suisalu (Estonia) and Kristīne Madjare (Latvia). The special prize from NoRoutine Books’ (Lithuania) – opportunity to publish own photography book –

‘The Archaeology of the Screen. The Estonian Example’ at BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts

The Archaeology of the Screen. The Estonian Example is an exhibition project that analyses the relationship between art and new media, and is connected to three concurrent events: the transfer of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union to

Mooste Passages

Just like the exhibition Omega 3 is devoted to something that is dying out and past its ‘use-by’ date (it could be a certain form of agriculture, or a type of work organisation with the instrument and interiors that are

Photo reportage from the exhibition “Omega 3” in Mooste, Estonia

In the Southeastern corner of Estonia there is a rich cultural life fermenting in the village of Mooste. One can find everything from the idyll to the forgotten, industry and agriculture, craft and contemporary art. On July 2nd the unique

Project of Non-existent Villages

Olematute kylade project / Project of Non-existent Villages, Võru Linnagalerii/ Võru town gallery, Võru Estonia 28 June -28 July 2014 Taavi Suisalu in his first curatorial endeavor invited Error collective to participate in a group exhibition about abandoned villages in