Sound Performance by Gintas K, vj juodo, Simon Whetham at Lithuanian Composers’ House

2018 03 27 / 6:30 pm
Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association and Lithuanian Composers’ Union are inviting to a series of events, introducing Vilnius’ audiences to new sonic experiences via curated soundwalks, workshops and sound performances. Various sonic forms related to sound excursions, acoustic ecology, acoustics, psychoacoustics,

Mooste Passages

Just like the exhibition Omega 3 is devoted to something that is dying out and past its ‘use-by’ date (it could be a certain form of agriculture, or a type of work organisation with the instrument and interiors that are

Photo reportage from the exhibition “Omega 3” in Mooste, Estonia

In the Southeastern corner of Estonia there is a rich cultural life fermenting in the village of Mooste. One can find everything from the idyll to the forgotten, industry and agriculture, craft and contemporary art. On July 2nd the unique