Photo reportage from a showcase by Rupert residents Laurie Kang and Santiago Taccetti at the Pakrantė gallery

On the 26th of February, Rupert presented a showcase of works by February residents, Laurie Kang and Santiago Taccetti, at the Pakrantė gallery space and in Kang’s studio (Vaidilutes st. 79, Vilnius). The showcase brought together the works they had

‘255.155.2612’ by Santiago Taccetti & Laurie Kang at Rupert

2018 02 26 / 3-8 pm
Rupert kindly invites you all to our February residents Laurie Kang and Santiago Taccetti showcase of works 255.155.2612 starting 3pm, Monday, 26 February in the Pakrantė gallery space (Vaidilutes st. 79, Vilnius). There is a long tradition of walking and