Köler Prize 2016. Exhibition of Nominees at Estonian Contemporary Art Museum

2016 04 15 - 2016 06 05 / 6 pm
The Köler Prize is an art award established in 2011 by the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM). Its main objective is to popularise contemporary art and to give recognition to important artists and art collectives that are active in

Two Hearts Pulse as One: Monumentalism as Physical Sound. On Raul Keller’s Solo Exhibition “What You Hear is What You Get (Mostly)”

Cornered by a big man in black leather pants and motorcycle jacket at an exhibition at Pärnu artist house in Estonia, at first, I felt fearful. Towering over me he asks in an abrupt way who I am and where I come

Raul Keller. What You Hear Is What You Get (Mostly)

2014 09 18 - 2014 10 27 / 6 pm
Raul Keller’s solo exhibition What You Hear Is What You Get (Mostly) focuses on sound as a physical phenomenon in a site-specific, i.e. spatial, context. With the help of installational and sculptural spatial objects, Keller ‘tunes’ the museum’s rooms into