Milda Laužikaitė’s and Saulius Leonavičius’ project “YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL NOW. 2012 08 22”

2014 08 22 - 2014 08 29 / 6 pm
Sometimes you forget, what you have imagined, you stop on the way, in the middle of a good trip, and you turn a meaningful thing upside down, – with love and attention, gently, spontaneously or roughly, while being out of

Photo reportage from LET-ME-IN exhibition marking the takeover of “Malonioji 6” by LAIA

January 2014 marks the takeover of project space “Malonioji 6” by the Lithuanian Associacion for Interdisciplinary Artists (LAIA). This process is marked by an exhibition titled LET-ME-IN, opening on 18 January, 6 p. m. During the exhibition the boundaries of