‘The Seed Can Be Initialized Randomly II’ at Temnikova & Kasela gallery

2017 05 19 - 2017 08 19
Ana Cardoso (b.1978) and Merike Estna (b.1980) are both painters who have come together at two different geographic and temporal points to explore the medium of painting, traditional crafts and a woman’s place in the art world. The first series

Merike Estna & Keef Winter’s exhibition ‘On Becoming Fluid’ at Hardwick gallery, Gloucestershire

‘On Becoming Fluid’ is a series of new works installed site-specifically in Hardwick Gallery. The exhibition consists of two expanded practices intertwining between sculpture and painting. On the opening night there will be a series of performances by Winter and

Contemporary painting strategies. Merike Estna in conversation with Alberta Vengrytė

Alberta Vengrytė: Towards the end of November, one of your works – an installation entitled Blue Lagoon (Blue Lagoon first showed in 2014 in a solo show curated by Kati Ilves for KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia) was presented at

Merike Estna and I’m a Painting

2014 06 27 - 2014 11 02
Starting on Friday, 27 June, the Kumu Gallery of Contemporary Art opens for the project Merike Estna and I’m a Painting, which is comprised of two closely connected exhibitions: Merike Estna’s personal exhibition The Blue Lagoon and the international painting

From nudes to abstraction – interview with Merike Estna

Rebeka Põldsam (b.1989,Tallinn) is a contemporary art theory MA student in Goldsmiths, London, focusing on gender, feminist and queer art and theory, is interviewing Estonian painter Merike Estna (b.1980) on the occasion of her solo exhibition at Temnikova & Kasela