Inconvenient Narratives

2014 09 11 - 2014 10 05 / 7 pm
“Inconvenient narratives” exhibits different provocative happenings where artists commandeer the symbols of different representatives of power thus exposing the unbearable mechanisms of action of the society. These situations problematize different discourses of power, expose their deficiencies and show how the

IV Artishok Biennale. A+B=AB14

2014 09 17 - 2014 10 11 / 6 pm
This year from September 17 till October 11 Artishok Biennale (AB) titled “A+B=AB14” will take place at the Mūkusala Art Salon, Riga. This is the first time for AB to take place outside of Estonia. AB is an exhibition format combining