The Eloquent Body. Works from the Collections of Tartu Art Museum

2017 03 23 / 6 pm
On 23 March at 18:00 Tartu Art Museum will open the exhibition “The Eloquent Body. Works from the Collections of Tartu Art Museum”, which focuses on corporeal communication and the depiction of the body as a means of articulation throughout

Kilometre of Sculpture 2015 “The Visitors” to turn the town of Võru into a short-term gallery-stage

2015 07 04 - 2015 07 26 / 12 pm
“The Visitors is to be seen as an open-ended exhibition where daily routines are challenged, existing environments altered and human interactions encouraged. The town of Võru is to be considered a short-term gallery and a stage for both fragile material

Marge Monko, Eléonore de Montesquiou and Lola Lasurt in a screening and artist talk during Art Brussels 2015

On Saturday, April 25th 4-6pm the screening and artist talk with Marge Monko, Eléonore de Montesquiou, Lola Lasurt and curator Caroline Dumalin (WIELS) will be held at the Estonian Embassy (Rue Guimard 11/13, Brussels) during Art Brussels 2015. Program: Marge

Photo reportage from Viewfinders. Contemporary Baltic and Nordic photography

From May 8th through to June 5th Riga Photo Month features a group exhibition “Viewfinders. Contemporary Baltic and Nordic photography” at Riga Art Space. The exhibition, showcasing artists from the Nordic and Baltic countries, focuses on people searching for their

Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wein present “How to Wear Red” exhibition by Marge Monko

In 2012 the Henkel Art.Award went to Estonia for the first time. Film and photo artist Marge Monko – born in 1976 in Tallinn – was awarded the prize of 7,000 Euros and two exhibitions. From the 25 October 2013

Revisiting Footnotes II

2013 07 04 - 2013 07 31 / 5.30 pm
The 2nd part of the exhibition “Revisiting Footnotes” will present a wider panorama of current processes, imprints of the Soviet time and their interpretations in the works by Baltic artists. During the artists’ presentations, there will be a chance to

Estonian artist Marge Monko wins Henkel Art.Award. 2012

For the first time the Henkel Art.Award. is given to an Estonian artist. An international jury of experts consisting of museum specialists, artists and curators decided to give the award to Marge Monko, an Estonian artist born in Tallinn in