Pilot exhibition by Rodney Graham and Laura Stasiulytė at gallery Montos Tattoo, Vilnius

2018 10 20 - 2018 12 16
Exhibition by Rodney Graham and Laura Stasiulytė 20 10 2018 – 16 12 2018 In the exhibition, which marks the opening of Montos Tattoo, two films are shown side by side. While in Graham’s “Vexation Island” (1997) a 17th century

Sea as a metaphor of collective imagination and memory – “Imaginary Shores” exhibition at the newly opened Culture Factory in Klaipėda

This exhibition is about the sea and its intangible outlines, about the place we inhabit and we don‘t know, about longing, love and the feel of the sea, about meaning slipping through our fingers. Rather than a place for recreation

Giants. Souvenirs

2014 10 27 - 2014 11 08
On 27 October , 6 pm the Giants. Souvenirs exhibition is opening at Gallery Akademija (Pilies g. 44/2, Vilnius). In 2013 a small resort town Sierre in the Swiss Alps turned into the place which artists Arūnas Gudaitis, Juozas Laivys, Konstantinas Bogdanas,