Photo reportage from Kristaps Ancāns’ exhibition ‘For Household Use’ at Careva contemporary, Riga

“For Household Use” is a first solo show in Riga by Kristaps Ancāns (b. Livani, Latvia, 1990, based in London, UK). Ancans nourishes his artistic practice with concept of artificial nostalgia (having an image in ones head of how things

‘For Household Use’ by Kristaps Ancāns at Careva contemporary, Riga

2018 03 27 / 6 pm
careva contemporary is delighted to present “For Household Use”, the first solo exhibition by Latvian born, London based artist Kristaps Ancāns in Riga. The show brings together eleven distinct artworks, which explore his meticulous approach to painting and sculpture. The

‘Great Memories’ by Kristaps Ancans at Art Station Dubulti

2018 03 23 - 2018 05 05
‘Great Memories (sizewise)’ is Kristaps Ancans first institutional solo show in Latvia. The new body of work consists of kinetic sculptures and two-dimensional objects, some of the artworks on view are site specific. Kristaps Ancans views preliminary given interpretations of