Photo reportage from solo show ‘Plague’ by Anna Salmane and a group show ‘Games that people play’ at the Careva gallery

Plague Anna Salmane The town of Hamelin in Germany has for centuries dated documents, by assuming June 26th year 1284 as the starting point of recorded time, since on that day 130 children of the town were lost. In years

Group show ‘Games that People Play’ and solo exhibition ‘Contagion’ by Anna Salmane at the Careva gallery

2019 03 15 - 2019 04 19
The group show is “Games that people play” (artworks by Auseklis Bauskenieks, Alvine Bautra, Gery Georgieva, Inga Meldere, NataliaLL, and Kaspars Zarins). Simultaneously on the right side of the gallery is a solo show titled “Plague” by Anna Salmane. First