Oļegs Tillbergs and Jānis Filipovičs at Latvian National Museum of Art

2017 07 07 - 2017 08 06
On 7 July, the third and final exhibition of Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art’s exhibition cycle Divdabis was opened at the Latvian National Museum of Art featuring artists of two different time periods Oļegs Tillbergs and Jānis Filipovičs. Curators of

Jānis Filipovičs’ Пчеловек/Pchelovek solo exhibition

Solo exhibition Пчеловек/Pchelovek by Latvian artist Jānis Filipovičs will be opened at 6.30 pm on 20th November at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) Office Gallery. The artist transforms bee-hives into a variety of spatial witticisms and these form