Indrikis Gelzis / Adja Yunkers — The Man in the Moon at Belenius gallery, Stockholm

Indrikis Gelzis / Adja Yunkers — The Man in the Moon 12.02—01.04.2018 Belenius Ulrikagatan 13 Stockholm, Sweden Lucidity is Rage: Adja Yunkers and Indrikis Gelzis While starting out as an apprentice to Emile Nolde in the milieu of German Expressionism

‘Rest and Vest’ by Indriķis Ģelzis at Vartai gallery

Ģelzis’s wall sculptures seemingly flirt with the future visions and sculptural compositions of the early 20thcentury futurists and constructivists’. However, since the future of the past is now the present, which is a time of great acceleration, the creative principles

Exhibitions by Egle Jauncems and Indriķis Ģelzis at Vartai gallery

2017 12 05 - 2018 01 05 / 6 pm
Egle Jauncems Malnutrition Too Much or Too Little. The results from an excessive or inadequate intake of nutrients. Walking into the pastry shop I can see him rolling a piece of dough on the floury table. A glass wall is

‘Tastes Like headaches’ at kim? Contemporary Art Centre

3 “Fragile reverie bleaches the real and paints over it, washed out, without depth, in thin, contiguous layers, a somnolent world into which the dreamer sinks and is lost,” wrote Jean-Luc Nancy about the dream, the “fine thread” of which

The X Factor

Just as daisy-petal ‘loves me, loves me not’ fortunes are told, our society is engaged in a similar debate regarding the possibility and denial of imminent third World War outbreak. From the Paris terror attacks on the 13th of November

On Labyrinths… Indrikis Gelzis’ exhibition at “Vartai”

The first annoying thing about Indrikis Gelzis is that it is hard to obtain a continuous “narrative” in his exhibition. That is interesting. Gelzis is interesting, because it is hard to relate the exhibited works with concepts. That is annoying.

Indrikis Gelzis’ solo show

2015 01 08 - 2015 02 07 / 6 pm
On January 8, a solo show by the young Latvian artist Indrikis Gelzis opens at Galerija VARTAI. In two of the gallery’s halls, the artist will be presenting his latest installation made from different elements and the main theme of which

Indriķis Ģelzis. “Specifying Interpretations on a Single Individual (Unnoticeable Difference)”

2014 01 24 - 2014 03 06 / 5 pm
January 24th, 5 pm Indriķis Ģelzis’ exhibition “Specifying Interpretations on a Single Individual (Unnoticeable Difference)” opens at the Intro Hall of the Riga Art Space. “Three people look at a single individual.  Three copies of the individual unanimously claim that they have