The exhibition by Eike Eplik and Imat Suumann at the Tallinn Art Hall Gallery

2018 12 06 / 6 pm
The exhibition of Eike Eplik and Imat Suumann in the Tallinn Art Hall Gallery melds together works by artists from two different generations into a joint environment where gloomy urban landscapes meet jitter-inducing personal mythology. Imat Suumann’s urban landscapes and

Curatorial exhibition ‘Aesthetics of Boredom’ by Peeter Talvistu at Tartu Art House

2018 04 13 / 5 pm
On Friday, 13 April at 5 p.m. Peeter Talvistu’s curatorial exhibition “Aesthetics of Boredom” will open at the Tartu Art House. The exhibition will be accompanied by a thematic conference. The foundation of contemporary culture is the constant struggle for

Annual Exhibition of Tartu Artists

The annual exhibition of Tartu artists, functioning on the basis of an open call, is an old format not so common in the contemporary context. Traditionally the works selected by the jury formed the exhibition. This structure of free submission