GIRLISONFIRE and Pakui Hardware in group exhibition ‘Drowning in a Sea of Data’ at La Casa Encendida, Madrid

Drowning In a Sea of Data 01 February – 19 May, 2019 Room B, Room C Drowning in a Sea of Data analyses the current state of generalised anxiety and disorientation. Development in digital technologies triggered the ongoing acceleration of information

Event ‘Progress Bar x Rupert’ at Club Soho, Vilnius

2018 10 27 / 8 pm
Rupert together with Progress Bar (NL) are delighted to present an event celebrating culture, equality, collectivity, hope and progressive thought. Combining talks, performances and experimental cutting edge music, the event will take place in a club night on the 27th October from

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘The Insider Outside’ at Rupert

The Insider Outside is a group exhibition presenting new works by GIRLISONFIRE (Monika Janulevičiūtė & Antanas Lučiūnas), Milda Januševičiūtė, Ona Juciūtė, Marjolein van der Loo, Vytautas Stakutis (Sekcija in collaboration with Julija Matulytė), Rytis Urbanskas, Naglis Kristijonas Zakaras, developed as