‘Prosperity’ by Elena Narbutaitė at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

2017 06 16 - 2017 08 13
‘I just re-read one of the notes I wrote shortly after I finished reading Joseph and his Brothers by Thomas Mann. It said, “In history the endings are invented and beginnings are only the results of subjective view points. Not

In a Subway Tunnel with an Artificial Escort

“Underground” group exhibition at the kim? Contemporary Art Centre   I must begin with the fact that, in this case, it wouldn’t be correct to use the term “group exhibition”, bearing in mind the intention of the artists involved. There’s no


Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre exhibition “Vilnius Pavilion” in Moscow Contemporary Art Centre In fact, I do not believe that exhibitions of Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre (at least in recent years) are worth much notice. However, when it comes to presenting

“Vilnius Pavilion” exhibition

2013 11 28 - 2014 01 19 / 7 pm
  On November 28th National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow) opens Vilnius Pavilion – a temporary pavilion of Lithuanian contemporary art that presents works by artists who live (or have at some point lived or stayed) in the capital city of Lithuania.

“Underground” exhibition

2013 11 29 - 2014 01 26 / 7 - 10 pm
Can you recall, when you remembered the voice of a piano player in a studio? It sounds had been very distant, not made of sound. Who sung the melodies? Who has heard, and now hears it? Underground is an exhibition by

Lithuanian pavilion receives a special mention in the 55th Venice Biennale

The joined Lithuanian-Cypriot pavilion was assigned a special mention in the 55th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia. The Jury  chaired by Jessica Morgan(Great Britain) and comprised of Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy (Mexico), Francesco Manacorda (Italy),Bisi Silva (Nigeria),