Annual Art Festival Survival Kit 10.1 Announces Artists

The largest annual contemporary art festival in the Baltics, Survival Kit, which is organised by Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, will take place in Riga from 23 May till 30 June. The international exhibition and events programme with the participation

From the Self towards Others

  Contemplating Diāna Tamane’s exhibition ‘Commissions’ at the ISSP Gallery (16.11.2018–19.01.2019) Diāna Tamane’s exhibition ‘Commissions’, curated by Evita Goze, could at first sight come across as rather an unusual exhibition. Its aesthetic set-up does not bode well with the trendy

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Commissions’ by Diāna Tamane at ISSP Gallery

In artist Diāna Tamane’s work, everyday events are a source of inspiration, with herself and her family as the main characters. Often, her relatives also become co-authors. Thus, she manages to portray not only the relationships between her family members,

Kim? Residency Award 2019 finalists announced

As part of its 10th anniversary programme, Kim? Contemporary Arts Centre (Riga, Latvia) has announced four finalists of the Kim? Residency Award 2019. The nominees are Kaspars Groševs, Atis Jākobsons, Andrejs Strokins and Diāna Tamane. The winner will spend two

Works by Kristina Õllek and Diana Tamane were gifted to the collection of Fotomuseum Winterthur

The works of Estonian artists Kristina Õllek and Diana Tamane were gifted to the collection of Fotomuseum Winterthur in Switzerland as a result of a collaboration between the private funding platform Outset Estonia and the Estonian Photographic Art Fair. Works

Riga Photography Biennial Award 2018 announces the winners

The Riga Photography Biennial Award 2018 Seeking the Latest in Photography has been awarded to Diāna Tamane (Latvia), Taavi Suisalu (Estonia) and Kristīne Madjare (Latvia). The special prize from NoRoutine Books’ (Lithuania) – opportunity to publish own photography book –

Moments of Failure. Interview with Diana Tamane

Interview with Diana Tamane The work of artist Diana Tamane features private motifs – close-ups of her relatives (literally, as well as figuratively) and form a context for exploring socially significant subjects. The unusual depiction of relationships – ranging from

Ieva Epnere and Diāna Tamane at kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga

Sea of Living Memories IEVA EPNERE 8/12/2016 – 15/01/2017 “Today again Russian submarines and ships have been sighted in Latvia’s vicinity”, “The Baltic States should worry about the EU collapsing”, “A total of 18 Russian military vessels and nine aircraft