‘Possibility of the incompleteness’ by Dainius Trumpis at (AV17) Gallery

2018 02 14 - 2018 03 10
Incompleteness becomes the motif for the manifestation and existence of the works, presented in this exhibition. The author directs himself not towards the delivery of works as final results of the creative process, but rather towards highlighting them as the

Photo reportage | ‘The State of Marginal Reality’ by Dainius Trumpis at the Artists’ Association gallery

  The exhibition consists of completely different stories, eras and geographical places which merge into one feeling, image, thought at a certain moment. Childhood memories from the Young Pioneer camp intertwine with the experience of roaming in the streets of Syrian

Exhibition ‘Lithuanian Art – Destination London’

On the 14 March at D Contemporary art gallery in London (23 Grafton Street, Mayfair, W1S 4EY) exhibition “Lithuanian Art – Destination London” will open. D Contemporary has paired up with “Art Project Lithuania Now” initiators to present a collective