‘Reframing Wales’ Stories’ by Arturas Valiauga at the Prospekto Gallery

2019 01 15 - 2019 02 16
The exhibition Reframing Wales’ Stories by Arturas Valiauga will be opened at 5:30 pm, January 15 (Tuesday), 2019 at Prospekto Gallery (Gedimino ave. 43, Vilnius). Every story has an end. However, the ending of one story means the beginning of

‘Image Zone’ by Arturas Valiauga at Klaipėda Photography Gallery, KCCC Exhibition Hall

2017 06 23 - 2017 07 23
An exhibition “Image Zone” of Arturas Valiauga will be opened at Klaipėda Photography Gallery at the KCCC Exhibition Hall on the 23rd of June (Friday) at 6 PM. The residents and guests of the port city will have an opportunity