Missing Parts

  If someone knew beforehand that I was writing a review of an exhibition by Armands Zelčs, they would probably expect me to examine the show from the point of view of his artistic practice as a whole, or as

Armands Zelčs’ solo show ‘When You Read This, Nothing Special Will Have Happened’ at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Games We don’t know where exactly we are. Indications disappear in the noise of automobiles, the forms of buildings are like holes in cheese that remind us of one another, despite them being different. There are various public institution interiors

Opening at Kim?: Two solo shows by Ditte Gantriis and Armands Zelčs

2018 12 06 - 2019 01 27 / 6 pm
WHEN YOU READ THIS, NOTHING SPECIAL WILL HAVE HAPPENED Armands Zelčs We don’t know exactly where we are. The signs are lost in the noises from cars. Outlines of buildings resemble one another like holes in cheese, even though they