Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘The Big Picture’ at the Rooster gallery

Individual is collective. Sparse is dense. Personal is public. Image is sound. Big is bigger. The Big Picture. The Rooster Gallery representing the youngest generation of Lithuanian artists invites you to the opening of the group exhibition “The Big Picture”

Wallscape by Andrius Zakarauskas at Magic Beans Gallery, Berlin

Magic Beans gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition, WALLSCAPE, by the Lithuanian artist Andrius Zakarauskas. A particular tension is characteristic of Zakarauskas´s work: although his painting is representational and figurative, what exactly is being portrayed is not concrete

Photo reportage from the painting exhibition at Rooster Gallery, Vilnius

Having grown from an initiative of young cultural managers into an actively operating and reputable gallery in the course of several years, The Rooster Gallery is enjoying the results of its consistent and purposeful work and invited the viewers to

Photo reportage from group exhibition “Žilvitis (Willow)” at Galerija Vartai, Vilnius

The group exhibition Žilvitis (Willow), marking Vartai Gallery’s 25th anniversary, is on display from 19 February through 2 April, 2016. Authors of the exhibition Danutė Gambickaitė and Arnas Anskaitis From its very establishment in 1991, Galerija Vartai has been a

“The same way of seeing / thinking” exhibition

2014 03 04 - 2014 03 21 / 6 pm
On Tuesday, March 4th, 6 p.m. VMU Art Gallery “101” opens an exhibition “The same way of seeing / thinking”. The most essential guidelines of this project are creation of space through shaping the space itself as a creation, an

Andrius Zakarauskas’ solo show “In the Name Of”

2014 02 04 - 2014 03 15 / 6 pm
Tuesday, 4 February, 6 pm Galerija Vartai presents Andrius Zakarauskas’s third solo show. One of the most promising and highly regarded painters of the younger generation, Zakarauskas’s work occupies all the gallery exhibition spaces and will include paintings and collages