‘Cosplay at the Family Dinner’ by Anastasia Sosunova, Viktor Timofeev & Perrin Turner at The Sunroom

I speak Lithuanian with stylistic mistakes, and my mother tongue, Russian, with a slight accent and poor vocabulary. I forget words. Language seems to be a sophisticated tool that is too hard to master and fraught with technical subtleties. I

‘Second Skin’ by Anastasia Sosunova & Andrea Zucchini at Editorial

Wherever you go, the street casts its shadow on you. Mud is thicker than water. Impurity transfers energy. So we removed it. We made the room immune to all currents, safe from influence and doubt. Please leave the room alone.

Anastasia Sosunova & Andrea Zucchini: Second Skin at Editorial

2018 04 27 - 2018 05 19 / 7 pm
“Editorial” is delighted to invite you to a first collaborative exhibition “Second skin” by a Lithuanian artist Anastasia Sosunova and Italian artist Andrea Zucchini opening on April 27, 7 pm. “Wherever you go, the street casts its shadow on you.

Stories from our backyards belong to the world. A conversation with Anastasia Sosunova

When we first began arranging the details for our meeting, Anastasia suggested we should do it in Lazdynai, one of the farther districts of Vilnius. There, besides the modernist apartment buildings so praised in architecture history textbooks, you’ll find the