Mooste Passages

Just like the exhibition Omega 3 is devoted to something that is dying out and past its ‘use-by’ date (it could be a certain form of agriculture, or a type of work organisation with the instrument and interiors that are

Photo reportage from the exhibition “Omega 3” in Mooste, Estonia

In the Southeastern corner of Estonia there is a rich cultural life fermenting in the village of Mooste. One can find everything from the idyll to the forgotten, industry and agriculture, craft and contemporary art. On July 2nd the unique

Aija Bley’ “Love Stories”

2014 12 18 - 2015 01 14 / 6 pm
Aija Bley’s personal exhibition “Love Stories” at the Riga Art Space reminds of a famous history of the cinema: what Jean-Luc Godard wanted, ideally, was to make home movies in the guise of a fictional feature film, and to make

Revisiting Footnotes II

2013 07 04 - 2013 07 31 / 5.30 pm
The 2nd part of the exhibition “Revisiting Footnotes” will present a wider panorama of current processes, imprints of the Soviet time and their interpretations in the works by Baltic artists. During the artists’ presentations, there will be a chance to