„Synonym of Reminiscence“ by Andrius Zakarauskas at si:said gallery

Duration: 2016 01 22  - 2016 02 21

Andrius Zakarauskas_1An exhibition „Synonym of Reminiscence“ by Andrius Zakarauskas was opened at the gallery „si:said“ (Daržų str. 18, Klaipėda, Lithuania) on 22nd of January, 2016.

Term „synonym of reminiscence“ in other words means something, what we remember. It seems, that it should indicate the same words, but it caries the same meaning or similar sound. The circle of paintings by Andrius Zakarauskas connects reminiscence and synonym in visual way.  Reminiscence characterizes permanence, clarity, immutability and defined boundaries. Something, what we remember remains stable, it doesn’t get new shapes, connections or has not previously unnoticed details. Memories are obvious and returning.

Harmony between synonym and reminiscence in Andrius‘ paintings leads to regular swing, stability, variations and identity, to the connection point of variable stability and constant volatility. Andrius tries to create, give and open up new sense of it.

Andrius Zakarauskas (b. 1982) 2001‒2005 studied painting at Fine Art at Vilnius Academy of Art. In 2004, he also studied in Altea, Spain at The Miguel Hernandez University, in the Faculty de Bellas Artes. Since 2004 A. Zakarauskas is taking part in solo and group exhibitions. The artist won Young Painters prize in 2009 and Young artist prize of LR Culture ministry in 2011. Works and lives in Vilnius.

The exhibition runs until 21st of February.

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January 27, 2016
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