'Somnolence' by Marija Šnipaitė at Artifex gallery

2019 10 15 — 2019 10 31 at Artifex
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

Gradually, silence is reached. As the voice turns into a whisper, the tongue gets harder, the eyelids soak in each other and the gaze can no longer cross the glass. The environment becomes a nuisance. The experience gained there and the expectations created obtain new visual forms. Boundary state bound by time and physical sensations lasts until random distraction.

The objects, located over the three gallery spaces, offer separate narratives, but eventually create a single irrational and dreamlike atmosphere in which the viewer enters into a peculiar state of being periphery. The keyword “somnolence” is suggested for this space. However, the author, using spatial structures looks at somnolence not so much as a sleep phase, but as a circumstance, a feeling, or a peculiar measure of indefinite time. It creates a somewhat sham atmosphere that is revealed through structure of the objects themselves – they are rather abstract, abandoning their primary functions and their usual materiality, appeal more to the viewer’s experience and credibility than to knowing. Marija turns environmental situations to fictitious landscapes, body parts to coloured forms, so, it seems like normal everyday phenomena become mesmerizing atmospheric narratives with a sense of attention to space, the environment and time.

Marija Šnipaitė is an artist of young generation who has graduated from Vilnius academy of arts with a Master’s degree in sculpture; she was a trainee at the Stuttgart Academy of Arts, Germany. Since 2016. She is a member of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, in 2014 and 2019 she was granted an individual scholarships for art and culture creators by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. She participates in both international and local exhibitions since 2011.

The exhibition is partially funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.