Solo show 'There is no analogue yet there are copies' by Valerie Savchits at careva, Riga

2019 04 18 — 2019 05 18
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Latvia
Valerie Savchits "Lola", 2016

Valerie Savchits “Lola”, 2016

What is art? Have you ever been hurt by someone you loved? Are you scared for your future? Is pink for girls and blue for boys? Is your heart burning with desire? Are references meaningless? Do you have visible scars? Has everything been created before? Have you ever written a note on a bathroom stall? Have you read Deleuze? Have you killed an animal? Do you use crystals to meditate? When was the last time you cried? Would you like to travel to other galaxies? Are you a cat or dog person?

Are you in check with the privileges that you were born into? How heavy is art? Do you get creeped out easily? Is your smile fake? Have you ever lost track of time? Is destruction always a negative force? Why are all Northern fairytales nightmarish? Do you like to dominate? Have you ever felt alone? How deep is your love? Can you recite a poem by heart? Do you look at pinterest before sleep? Would you like to be someone else? Does history repeat? Have you ever smiled when you wanted to cry for help?

opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday 12.00-18.00
Saturday 12.00 – 16.00
(and by appointment)

Kaļķu 24 (second floor), Riga, Latvia