'In Search of Paintings' by Stacie McCormick at 'Meno parkas' gallery

2017 09 01 — 2017 09 30 at Gallery “Meno niša“
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania
Stacie McCormick (b.1962)  photographer, painter, poet and video artist based in London, UK.

Stacie McCormick (b.1962) photographer, painter, poet and video artist based in London, UK.

In Search of Paintings is a selection of videos and photographs that reflect McCormick’s fascinations and way of seeing.  “Photography, for me is a sketchbook, a type of research as well as a mirror of my practice as a painter.”   McCormick’s’ paintings are characterised by the observation of seeing the unseen, of uncovering or exposing the gesture of letting materials ‘become’, incorporating masking and layering at each stage of application. Using different mediums, from India ink, Acrylic, oil pastel and high gloss latex McCormick is constantly assessing the moment the piece may be ‘born’ and becomes other to the artist. Preventing any single element to overwhelm the canvas, McCormick’s process works with an accumulation, towards a fragile balance of becoming at an unexpected moment.

In Search of Paintings is an exhibition that reflects McCormicks’ process.  When not painting, McCormick is constantly observing the layered, accidental accumulations and juxtapositions that suddenly appear before her and emerge as a complete work.  Her photographic practice is guided similarly to the painting process…by the same fascination: the evidence of time and human intervention, erosion and layering, the accidental sublime. To happen upon the surprising combination of elements suddenly appearing as a type of symmetry, a completeness, a beauty unnoticed, in-obvious.  Decay, ruin, collapse become the constituents of preoccupation. The desire to be surprised motivates the painting and photography process, manifesting the accident, coaxing the unexpected, unscripted journey to prevail. The two video pieces exhibited are meditation on the slowing down of experience to witness the sublime in the urban everyday.  The simple act of making ones way through the urban landscape produces a cinematography, a narrative, mysterious and beautiful.


Exhibition is part of gallery’s international cultural exchange project “Art Line”.
Project is part-financed by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and Kaunas City Municipality programme “Iniciatyvos Kaunui”.

Exhibition will be opened till 30th of September.