Riga Photomonth 2017 opening: Facts and Clarifications

Duration: 2017 05 08

17424793_1282846335097187_6808772301802457031_nJoin us at the Riga Photomonth 2017 launch at the National Library of Latvia! The festival will kick off with the exhibition “Facts and Clarifications” which features works by Peter Puklus (Hungary), Lucia Nimcova (Slovakia), Pavel Maria Smejkal (Slovakia) and Roman Korovin (Latvia).

The artists have drawn their attention to complicated, paradoxical, tragic, as well as humorous cultural situations and their interpretation in Eastern Europe. The former collective history and its reflections in the everyday folklore, rituals, media and art construct ambiguous contexts for the historical, contemporary and conventional values, as well as political discourses. The abovementioned artists question and construct new critical views on the canonized values in the Western media, (re)interpret generally known facts of the collective history, ironize about the everyday and seemingly unimportant aspects, as well as construct new modern-day fairy tales about the ties with the past and processes in the present. Exhibition curated by Alnis Stakle and Arnis Balčus.

The exhibition runs until 27 May

Opening week events:
08.05. 18.00 / NicePlace Telpa
Launch of the annual publication “Latvian Photography 2017”
09.05. 18.00 / The Mill
FK Prize 2017 – public portfolio presentations by young Latvian photographers
10.05. 18.15 / National Library
The opening of the exhibition “Facts and Clarifications”
11.05. 15.00 / National Library
Guided tour with artists and curators of the exhibition “Facts and Clarifications”
11.05. 17.00 / Latvian Museum of Photography
The opening of the exhibition “Sparks” by Wiktoria Wojciechowska
11.05. 19.00 / K.K. fon Stricka villa
Opening of Self Publish Riga 2017
12.05. 17.30 / Latvian Museum of Photography
Artist’s talk by Wiktoria Wojciechowska
12.05. 19.00 / Kaņepes Culture Centre
The opening of the exhibition “Leaving Paradise” by Ilze Vanaga
13.05. 13.00-20.00 / K.K. fon Sticka villa
Self Publish Riga Artist’s talks
13.05. 22.00 / K.K. fon Sticka villa
A projection of shortlisted works from the festival’s open call under the theme “Facts and Clarifications”

Full festival programme available http://www.rigaphotomonth.com/

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April 21, 2017
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