From Folklore to Ethnocentrism. Reflections on „Tap VVater“ and Cultural Psycho-colonialism

“Spaces – are a karaoke of many mouths: words, with which paths are drawn, flow through the pipelines to a common circulation“ – says the official description of a contemporary art exhibition “Tap Water“ (Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania, Vilnius,

The Gap between ‘Contemporary’ and the ‘Avant-garde’

Some thoughts after the Second LCCA Summer School “This is Tomorrow!” in Cēsis (6 – 11 June, 2015) There is, of course, a certain amount of expectation and prejudice before attending academic endeavours organised in a group. The summer school in Cesis

Exhibition as a Tourist Attraction, or Where Did the “Grazed Images” Come From?

A review is a strange and controversial genre indeed. On the one hand, it calls us to affirm that a certain qualification is at work—i.e. a reviewer is assumed to know the necessary conditions of a phenomenon that happens to

What’s In Your Fridge? A Reflection on Gili Tal’s Agonisers at Temnikova and Kasela Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

Over the past two years Gili Tal has had three solo exhibitions in Germany and London as well as participated in group exhibitions in Berlin and New York. Her exhibition Agonisers at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery in Tallinn (July-August 2015)

KOMBINATAS: WHIT OF A TEXT. Installation by Eglė Grėbliauskaitė

I guess, Eglė Grėbliauskaitė could offer her own subjective interpretations of her artwork that she decided to install in front of the entrance to the Vilnius Academy of Art—big rusty metal letters spell ‘KOMBINATAS’ (‘FACTORY’ from Lithuanian). I hope you

Köler Prize: Photo Finish

  On 29.05, the winner of Köler Prize 2015 — an art prize instituted by the Estonian Contemporary Art Museum in 2011 — was announced. The winner, without much surprise to anybody having at least some understanding of the local art world,

The Lure of the Occult: Three Exhibitions at KUMU

If one dropped into KUMU in late March without prior knowledge of what was on show aside from the permanent display, like I did, one would find three temporary exhibitions (plus an extensive historical overview of Estonian printmaking not covered

‘P’ as in ‘Art Days Deluxe’

Considering the media attention it seeks – and receives – one of the high-points in Latvia’s visual arts scene is the biannual Purvītis Prize. The nominees for the prize are chosen by a group of seven experts, which change for

The Many Histories of Photography

Book review Recently published volume of “The History of European Photography 1939-1969” is the most recent accomplishment in the ongoing project of writing the history of photography in European countries. It is already the second volume on European photography history

Waltzing with the Undead: Before, After, Beyond, and Without Photography

Ce n’est pas une image juste, c’est juste une image — J.L. Godard It is an attempt to reflect on an exhibition “12 Truths of Photography” (“Titanikas” Gallery, Vilnius, 27.01.-14.03.2015)—a series of media-specific artworks created over the period of the