'Radical light' by Anne Katrine Senstad at the Kai Art Center, Tallinn

2020 01 26 — 2020 04 26 at Kai Art Center
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Estonia

Kai Art Center is proud to present a new large-scale light installation by renowned Norwegian artist Anne Katrine Senstad, created especially for the newly opened art center in Port Noblessner in Tallinn, Estonia.

Senstad’s immersive light sculpture environment is an invitation to encounter the perceptive sensations of light and sound in pure form and their transformational effect on the experience of space. Constructed of neon lights, the unique luminal properties effect our cognitive system where the artificiality of LED lights falls short. As one of Senstad’s largest indoor works to date, the light sculpture is conceived as a monument and a matrix—a vast spectral light sphere—which allows the public to experience being enveloped in the radiance of light of the highest spectrums when wandering through the historic former submarine factory that houses the 450m2 exhibition space. While the exhibition takes place from January through April during some of the darkest months in Estonia, the immense light sculpture illuminates the dark season of the northern hemisphere.