Planetario: Observaciones Estelares Especulativas

Duration: 2014 05 28  - 2014 06 10

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The Y Gallery 2014 programme starts on 28th of May at 6 PM with the collaborative exhibition project “Planetario: Observaciones Estelares Especulativas” (“Planetarium: Speculative Starry Observations”) at Tartu University Church (Jakobi 1, Tartu) by Rodrigo de San Martin (RSM). 

The central focus of the exhibition is the question “what do we know about the universe?” in the context of the difference between institutionalized scientific knowledge and personal experience, outdated knowledge, and alternative perspectives. Amongst the majority of the sciences, Astronomy is the discipline that contains a lesser degree of true certainty in its claims, clearly besides the fact of lacking controlled experimentation. Astronomy is then pure speculation, observation through lenses and mirrors (latin specvlvm = mirror); but speculation approaches truth with uncertainty, imagination and creativity, thus leaving place to creation and epistemic disobedience. Through this project, RSM calls people to consciously speculate over the meaning of the universe and to experiment with alternative cosmologies. 

The exhibition is based on collaboration between several artists, performers, scholars and thinkers, in order to develop fruitful disputes on the borders between knowledge and subjectivity. The collaborators are Kat Suryne (Belarus), Laik group (Estonia), Leelo-Mai Aunbaum (Estonia), Maria Aua (Estonia) and Zerkalo (Estonia).

RSM is Mexican new media artist and semiotician, currently studying at the University of Tartu.

The exhibition is open from 28.05. to 10.06. and is completed by the following side-program:

31.05. – Workshop at the Printing Museum (Eesti Trükimuuseum). Print your own nocturnal sky and learn the monotype technique with traditional printing processes.
07.06. – Seminar on experimental cosmologies and creative writing workshop. Write your own myth of creation. 
09.06. – Semiosalong (moderated by Tyler Bennett).
10.06. – Performance by Laik group.

Due to the situation of Y Gallery the exhibition takes place at the temporary space: Tartu University Church, Jakobi 1, 3rd floor. The exhibition is open in workdays: 12-19 and weekends: 12-17.

Contact: Tanel Rander
Y Gallery 2014 program curator
e-mail:, phone: 56 67 87 29

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May 30, 2014
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