Rethinking art and identity through the legacy of Asger Jorn. Anti-Asger exhibition at gallery “Kalnas”

Anti-Asger is a continuous cultural project, initiated by The Jutland Art Academy, connecting artists from Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania. In this project, the participants explore the theme of art and identity based on research on the well-known and important artist

Packed and exported: “Baltic strawberries” at Careof, Milan

Le fragole del Baltico (“Baltic strawberries”) provides an insight into Latvian contemporary art. Initially intended to complement the Latvian pavilion at EXPO 2015, it has fortunately survived the sad cancellation of the pavilion. Le fragole del Baltico presents a selection

Who is the ONE out of 5? — Köler Prize 2015. Exhibition of Nominees

In over two weeks the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia is holding a gala to announce the winner of Köler Prize 2015 chosen by an international panel of judges. The Köler Prize is an art prize that was founded by the Contemporary Art Museum

Look back at Society Acts at kim?

Just as interactions in society are based on a mix of historical experiences and current demands, the artists in the exhibition Society Acts move between perceived experiences and dreamed aspirations. The exhibition’s title – Society Acts – is to be

Krista and Reinis answers to the question: What is at all important and lasting?

Further developing the tradition where scenography is a field closely related and equal to directing, Reinis and Krista Dzudzilo use the means of theatre in their works both clearly and imaginatively: the message is formed using methods of spatial organisation,

Hilma af Klint. A Pioneer of Abstraction

13.03.–07.06.2015 | Kumu Art Museum  This exhibition brings to the audience the oeuvre of one of the most innovative artists of the early 20th century. Although Hilma af Klint’s (1862–1944) works were completed in the first decades of the 20th

Death and Beauty. The Contemporary Gothic in Art and Visual Culture

20.02.–10.05.2015 | Kumu Art Museum The exhibition deals with dark, Gothic themes in art and visual culture, and analyses their relationship with the world of beauty, advertising and glamour. Although Gothic culture is rooted in the Middle Ages, many of

Metamorphoses of the Black Square. Interpretations of Malevich’s Work in Estonian Art

20.03.–09.08.2015 | Kumu Art Museum The current exhibition is a modest homage to Kazimir Malevich (1878–1935) on the 100th anniversary of his iconic 20th-century painting Black Square. Without any pretensions to exhaustive treatment, it is an attempt to display an intriguing

The Forgotten Pioneer Movement: Set # B Exhibition

During the exhibition, objects, styles and words that were unnoticed, negated or simply unknown in the context of “pOst-Western” transformation will be collected and reconfigured as indexical traces. In order to understand the processes of historicizing the ‘post-socialist / socialist experience’

Archiving, memory and coincidence in My Parents’ Room by Aurelija Maknytė

Artifex Textile Gallery of the Vilnius Academy of Art present My Parents’ Room, a project by Aurelija Maknytė. The rooms of the gallery lend space to an intertwining exposition of objects and texts associated with the lives of the artist’s parents