Photo reportage from the ‘Place where everything is better’ at Kaņepes Culture Centre

Exhibition „Place where everything is better” researches the popular opinion in Latvia – life in Estonia is better than in Latvia – through the language of conceptual and visual art. Almost all studies about local situation in economy, politics and

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Blindspots’ by Artur Żmijewski at the Riga Pauls Stradiņš Museum for History of Medicine

Blindspots at the Riga Pauls Stradiņš Museum for History of Medicine is the first solo exhibition by the internationally acclaimed Polish artist Artur Żmijewski in Baltic countries. The title of the exhibition references the approach dominating Żmijewski’s oeuvre, namely, his

Photo reportage from ‘back body / left arm’ by Ruta Butkute and Nina Glockne at Sodų 4

“back body / left arm” is based on the psychological notion of “affordance” – signifying possible functions and all action–possibilities latent in an object or environment. Butkute and Glockner share an interest in observing intertwined relationships between objects, human (presence)

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Divdabis. Atis Ieviņš / Inga Meldere’ at the Latvian National Museum of Art

On 1 June, the second exhibition of Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art’s exhibition cycle Divdabis opened at the Latvian National Museum of Art, featuring photographer, passionate experimenter with technologies and author of critically ironic commentary on Soviet society, Atis Ieviņš,

‘Chewing gum that never loses its flavor’ by Jonas Holmer, Lisa Trogen Devgun, Tomas Sinkevičius and Viltė Bražiūnaitė at Platform Stockholm

<tell me about the bubbles> To just GTD, we depend on technology and machines to simplify our lives. We don’t really see these products because we are so used to them. <awww man the bubbles are off the hook, amazing

Photo reportage from exhibitions by Katrīna Čemme and Tobias Kaspar at kim? Contemporary Art Centre

What is Lost is Lost Forever Katrīna Čemme kim? Contemporary Art Centre May 20-July 9, 2017 An object becomes real, when it is seen. And it’s impossible to make it be non-existent or unseen. It has been made and it

‘The Seed Can Be Initialized Randomly II’ by Merike Estna and Ana Cardoso at Temnikova & Kasela gallery

Ana Cardoso (1978) and Merike Estna (1980) are both painters who have come together at two different geographic and temporal points to explore the medium of painting, traditional crafts and a woman’s place in the art world. The first series

Photo reportage from the exhibition by Ramūnas Paniulaitis at the gallery [si:said]

Until 9th of June at the gallery [si:said]  (Daržų str.18, Klaipeda, Lithuania) runs an retrospective exhibition *Žym Žymas by Ramūnas Paniulaitis. Bearing in mind the alternative offered by Lithuania’s “silent modernists” (who had by the 1970s and 1980s become almost

Photo reportage from Dainius Liškevičius’ exhibition ‘On Passe a l’Orange’ at Sodų 4

Culture evolution law event subject distortion critical consciousness chaos project institution power emptiness structure subordination strategy user private space fragmentation coincidence processes situations interests management promise suppression competition decisions conflicts parallels artwork gallery artist curator positive aestheticised contacts communication business

‘Precarious State of Mind’, solo show by Sandra Kosorotova at Hop gallery

What does Post-Fordism feel like? How is precarity sensed? Can it materialize as an embodied sensation? Will it be codified as a medical disorder? This exhibition explores mental health as socio-political and ideological issues, rather than personal and biological problems.